Basic Healer

Prerequisite: None; pending acceptance into course

Basic Healer teaches the students the foundational techniques of first level healing.

Students learn what it is to be a healer in today’s world, grounding and shielding techniques, and how to use tools such as eggs, smoke, and sprays to spiritually cleanse a person.

This class series covers topics such as how to use divination techniques in healing and how to connect to your Higher Power and Higher Self.

Basic Healer Course Curriculum

Class 1 – Being a healer/What is healing?

Class 2 – Creating sacred space

Class 3 – Grounding and healing

Class 4 – Accessing Higher Power and Higher Self

Class 5 – Smokes and Sprays in healing

Class 6 – Basic egg work

Class 7 – Using divination in healing

Class 8 – Final and Practical exams