Basic Healer

Prerequisite: None; pending acceptance into course

Basic Healer teaches the students the foundational techniques of first level healing.

Students learn what it is to be a healer in today’s world, grounding and shielding techniques, and how to use tools such as eggs, smoke, and sprays to spiritually cleanse a person. The focus of this class is cleansing/healing family, friends, and pets.

This class series covers topics such as how to use divination techniques in healing and how to connect to your Higher Power and Higher Self.

Basic Healer Course Curriculum

Class 1 – Being a healer/What is healing?

Class 2 – Creating sacred space

Class 3 – Grounding and healing

Class 4 – Accessing Higher Power and Higher Self

Class 5 – Smokes and Sprays in healing

Class 6 – Basic egg work

Class 7 – Using divination in healing

Class 8 – Final and Practical exams