Master Healer Course

Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of Basic Healer and Advanced Healer courses

Master Healer is the final course in Biouniversal Healing. Building on the information from the Basic and Advanced courses, it advances the student into learning how to manage spiritual afflictions that manifest through physical symptoms, as well as discussion on the “business” of healing and the navigation of practical and legal considerations. This course includes detailed instruction on defensive spell work and managing clients in a variety of toxic environments.

Master Healer Class Curriculum:

This curriculum is a tentative outline and may change as class needs dictate.

Class 1 – Advanced energy movement and remote healing techniques

Class 2 – Managing difficult clients and situations

Class 3 – Managing clients in toxic environments

Class 4 – Defensive spellwork to manage psychic attack

Class 5 – Spiritual ailments manifesting physically

Class 6 – Self-Healing Master Class

Class 7 – Healing as a business

Class 8 – Final and practical exams