Certification for Basic, Advanced, and Master Healers

These three courses teach you to do what I do each day in my healing practice.” ~~Katrina Rasbold

Basic Healer

Prerequisite: None; pending acceptance into course

Basic Healer teaches the students the foundational techniques of first level healing. Students learn what it is to be a healer in today’s world, grounding and shielding techniques, and how to use tools such as eggs, smoke, and sprays to spiritually cleanse a person.

This class series covers topics such as how to use divination techniques in healing and how to connect to your Higher Power and Higher Self. (8 classes)

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Advanced Healer

Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of Basic Healer course

Advanced Healer takes the student out of simple, every day healing and into a deeper healing connection with the people they serve. Students learn the complex movement of personal energy and how to use sound, stones, temperature changes, and other factors to influence and shift the currents.

Material includes client intake, holding space, managing hexes, curses, crossings, and entities, advanced readings of the eggs used for spiritual cleansings, plus hauntings, possessions, and demons. (8 classes)

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Master Healer

Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of Basic Healer and Advanced Healer courses

Master Healer is the final course in Biouniversal Healing. Building on the information from the Basic and Advanced courses, it advances the student into learning how to manage spiritual afflictions that manifest through physical symptoms, as well as discussion on the “business” of healing and the navigation of practical and legal considerations.

This course includes detailed instruction on defensive spell work and managing clients in a variety of toxic environments. (8 classes)

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Important rules:

To preserve class dynamics, those selected to attend any of the courses are expected to complete the entire 8 class series unless dismissed by the instructor. Students bond closely during these classes and we enjoy ending the classes with the same group with which we started.

No new admissions to a course after the second class in any series has completed. After that point, the series is closed to any new admissions. Late joiners must make up all work. This is a fast paced series and when you miss one class, you miss a lot of vital information that must be recovered to successfully complete the series and obtain ceritification.

Ultimately, all certification is at the discretion of the instructor.