About BH

In 2013, Eric and Katrina Rasbold published a book called Energy Magic that was a #1 Amazon Best Seller in the category of Neopaganism for six consecutive weeks. In that book, they coined the phrase “Bio-Universal Energy” to identify the combining of personal (bio) and divine (universal) energy to manifest positive outcome.

Shortly after that, Katrina began her official career as a professional healer, incorporating energetic healing techniques from many different cultures she encountered during her worldwide travels as an Air Force wife of more than twenty-four years.

Eric and Katrina lectured throughout the United States on the use of bio-universal energy for a multitude of purposes. In 2015, they opened their first storefront in Roseville California, Botanica de La Reina, which later became Two Sisters Botanica.

In 2019, they relocated their storefront to Shingle Springs, California and with that move, demand for Katrina’s healing services and instruction increased dramatically. She now has a waiting list for services at Crossroads Metaphysical Store where she currently practices.

As requests to learn her techniques continued to grow, she created the Biouniversal Healing courses to address the increasing need for energetic healers.

During her own training, one of Katrina’s mentors said, “I am creating an army of healers.” Since then she has continued that tradition, graduating out waves of competent and motivated healers into the world.

In these this three course series, you will learn Katrina’s techniques for energetic cleansing and healing.

Biouniversal healing courses are sponsored by Crossroads Metaphysical Store in Shingle Springs, California.