Advanced Healer

Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of Basic Healer course

Advanced Healer takes the student out of simple, every day healing and into a deeper healing connection with the people they serve. Students learn the complex movement of personal energy and how to use sound, stones, temperature changes, and other factors to influence and shift the currents.

This class series covers client intake, holding space, managing hexes, curses, crossings, and entities. We cover advanced readings of the eggs used for spiritual cleansings.

Advance Healer Course Curriculum

Class 1 – Client intake and holding space

Class 2 – Advanced energy movement

Class 3 – Manipulating energy currents

Class 4 – Hexes, curses, crossings, and parasitic entities

Class 5 – Using stones for healing and grounding

Class 6 – Advanced egg work

Class 7 – Hauntings, possessions, and demonic forces

Class 8 – Final and Practical exams