What kind of certification do I receive?

Upon successful completion of a course of study (Basic, Advanced, or Master Healer), the student receives a certificate, verifying that they have satisfactorily completed the certification process as confirmed by the instructor.

What does this certification do for me?

The certification verifies that you are trained on the stated level as an energetic healer in Biouniversal Healing by Katrina Rasbold. Before you embark on any sort of commercial endeavor as a healer, it is essential that you investigate and honor any and all federal, state, and local requirements to represent yourself as a healer. These regulations vary greatly from region to region and are usually legislated and enforced at a county level in the United States.

Do you teach these classes in person?

While we hope at some point to offer the class series in person, at this time, due to widespread COVID cases, we are not offering in person training. All interaction is online via Facebook live streaming and archived video training, as well as the Facebook study group postings.

At some point, likely later in 2021, we anticipate transitioning the classes to live teaching for enrolled students who are local. For enrolled students who are not local to us in Shingle Springs, California, we will continue with the online instruction.

What do I need to take the classes?

It is likely difficult to take these classes via cell phone, so a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer is recommended.

You must have email access via a working email account that you will monitor.

You must have Facebook access. Our class format runs through a private, hidden Facebook group. This is where our classes will live stream, where you will post some of your homework for the class to see, and where you will submit questions for discussion between individual classes.

During Advanced and Master Healer training, you will need a willing partner who will allow you to practice energy movement and manipulation with them. This is not necessary for in person students as we will pair up in class for this part of the practical session of instruction.

Do I have to be psychic to learn to heal?

As with divination, natural intuitive abilities go a long way to creating a great healer. Also as with divination, energetic sensitivity is a system one can learn with or without natural intuitive abilities. No, you do not have to be psychic to be a healer, but it definitely helps!

What is different about the three levels of instruction?

Each level builds on the prior level with “Basic Healer” starting laying the initial foundation. In the Basic Healer series, students the basics of energetic healing and the egg cleanse. This is appropriate for situations like, “My sister feels off and I want to make sure she is energetically sound and healthy.” “My kid is acting out more than usual today. What can I do to calm them down so we can talk about it?” or “My friend spent the day with toxic people and feels overwhelmed. How can I help?”

The Advanced Healer series steps up the learning process into more advanced energy manipulation and healing techniques. We dive in deeper to learn more about the body’s energetic responses and the more intricate diagnoses in the egg readings. We also study subjects like hexes, curses, crossings, entities, hauntings, and possessions.

The Master Healer series goes even further into healing by incorporating client counseling training, addressing specific spiritual aliments, and discussing the business of healing.

The three levels must be taken in order.

I have experience in healing. Can I take just the Advanced or Master Healer course?

No. Each course builds off of material specific to the previous course. Basic Healer is a pre-requisite for Advanced Healer instruction. Both Basic and Advanced Healer instruction are pre-requisites for Master Healer instruction.

How often are the live streamed classes?

Classes are every other Sunday at 2:00 pm (Pacific Time)/5:00 pm (Eastern Time). Each live stream lasts for approximately 60-90 minutes. Every class is archived for future review as necessary. Most classes include a small amount of homework and a quiz.

There are eight classes in each of the three levels of instruction. We take two weeks off between each eight week session.

Are there tests?

Successful completion of the class involves a practical exam taken in real time with Katrina or one of her co-teachers. This demonstrates your ability to effectively use the techniques you learned from the course. There is also as a written exam (online) that shows that you know the material from the classes.

I am ready! How do I enroll?

You can submit an application online HERE. Katrina will consider your application carefully. There are a limited number of openings in each class and these are filled not on a “first come, first served” basis, but according to the applications who are the best fit for the class. She determines this both on an energetic level, through divination, and based on other students already accepted into the program and potential compatibility.

After you submit your application, Katrina will contact you and let you know the status of your application.

What if I can’t be in the live stream for all of the classes?

Katrina is looking for students who are serious about learning to be a healer and who prioritize the class over other activities. The live stream classes are archived for students to view if they occasionally miss a class or want to go review part of the class material. The expectation should not be that you will take the entire class or even most of the class through recorded video. This is an interactive class where students ask questions as the material is presented in live stream.

Ideally, this class is taught in person, in real time. Under the current circumstances, this is not possible, so we are intently working to provide the next best thing. If you are accepted into the class, please prioritize the classes and show up for the live stream.